CentraState Weight Loss

Weight Loss

In addition to nutrition counseling services, CentraState offers a wide variety of free or low-cost weight loss programs designed to help people create lasting change. Examples include:

  • Weigh of Life – a one-year program that empowers participants to develop goals that are specific, reasonable, and measurable while leveraging self-esteem to impact behavior change
  • Plant-Powered Eating – teaches participants how to make simple nutrition changes that can greatly impact health and wellness
  • Live Life Lighter – an eight-week program with weight loss skills from a registered dietitian and light exercise with a fitness specialist

CentraState also offers Metabolic Rate Analysis, a 10-minute breathing test that calculates how many daily calories are needed to maintain or lose weight along with metabolic rate information that can be used in a weight-loss plan.

No prescriptions are necessary for these programs.

To refer a patient, call 732-308-0570 or click on “Nutrition Consultation” or “Weight Mgmt” under patient wellness in the Practice Unite app.

We welcome your input on how our population health programs are meeting your needs.