Whether a patient has risk factors for diabetes or has been diagnosed with the condition, CentraState offers comprehensive, evidence-based programs aimed at prevention and management.

CDC-Endorsed Diabetes Prevention Program

CentraState was the first hospital in New Jersey to achieve full recognition status from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for its Diabetes Prevention Program. This 12-month, evidence-based program features health coach insight and group education sessions to help individuals at risk for type 2 diabetes reduce their chances of getting the disease. Topics covered include long-term dietary change, physical activity, and ongoing support for weight loss. To date, participants in this ongoing program have had positive outcomes and exceeded the minimum 5 percent weight loss recommendation, which translates to at least a 58 percent reduction in risk for type 2 diabetes.

No prescription is necessary for this program.

To refer a patient, call 732-308-0570 or click on “Diabetes Prevention” under patient wellness in the Practice Unite app.

Diabetes Center Resources

At CentraState’s Novo Nordisk Diabetes Center, certified diabetes educators can create a customized management program and provide ongoing education and support to help patients avoid complications and take charge of their health. This includes a comprehensive Diabetes Self-Management Program, medical nutrition therapy, nutrition consultations, and ongoing follow-up.

To refer a patient, this program requires a physician prescription and a completed patient referral form, which can be faxed to 732-294-2575.

We welcome your input on how our population health programs are meeting your needs.

Countdown to Control Diabetes Program

The Countdown to Control program—an exclusive health benefit for CentraState employees and their health plan dependents at no out-of-pocket cost for those enrolled in CentraState’s Health Plan—provides fast, convenient access to tests and information that can prevent the complications associated with poorly controlled blood sugar. Available through CentraState’s Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center and the Novo Nordisk Diabetes Center, services include:

  • RetinaVue eye exam—the world’s most advanced hand-held retinal camera to detect early signs of vision loss
  • Diabetic foot exams
  • Lab testing
  • Diabetic education
  • Nutrition counseling

To refer a patient, call CentraState’s Diabetes Center at 732.294.2574. You can also download flyers to share with your patients employed by CentraState.