CentraState Health Care Partners Practice Unite

Practice Unite

Practice Unite, powered by Uniphy Health, is a secure, HIPAA-compliant smartphone application that is customized to meet the needs of CentraState Medical and Dental Staff members. It is a preferred method of digital communication for CentraState PHO members.

The app is designed for physician convenience, and its benefits include immediate patient referral to health coaches at CentraState through the patient wellness button. Physicians can open this tab during a patient visit, click to enter the patient’s contact information, and quickly select resources ranging from weight loss and smoking cessation to hypertension and diabetes management programs. The patient will then receive a call from a health coach within a few days, putting them on the path to risk reduction and continued progress between physician appointments.

Use of this app to access population health programs at CentraState can foster improved follow-through and better outcomes. In many cases, these services can prevent a health risk factor from progressing into a chronic disease, potentially reducing hospitalization and readmission rates.

In addition to HIPAA-compliant secure communications and patient referrals, other benefits of the app include a PIER/PHO resource section and a CentraState phone directory.

For assistance in downloading Practice Unite, contact us.