Participation in a CentraState Healthcare Partners Committee can broaden your input in shaping the course of the PHO to further meet the needs of our members. PHO committees include:

  • Credentialing Committee – Drives the onboarding of physicians into the PHO. Since CentraState has a robust credentialing process, physicians who are on staff are already credentialed for the PHO. Other allied or ancillary groups may require additional credentialing in the future.
  • Clinical Practice Committee – Actively examines data and processes to assess clinical practice and evidence-based work flows; reviews shared savings data reports with an eye toward opportunities for improvement.
  • Information Technology Committee – Works with data mining and development of processes to reduce variation in clinical practice, often examining specific protocols in conjunction with the Clinical Practice Committee.
  • Financial Committee – Works with the PHO and payers to review contracts and ensure financial security.

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