Independent Practice Thrive Program

CentraState Healthcare Partners (CHP) takes care of doctors by finding new and better opportunities to help you grow thriving and more profitable independent practices. In keeping with this goal, we’ve partnered with Pier Practice Solutions to form the Independent Practice Thrive Program, which will provide you with the strategic opportunity to set your practice up for success in 2022!

Now introducing the Independent Practice Thrive Program! 

The Independent Practice Thrive Program gives members exclusive access to join the Vista IPA and Optimus Healthcare Partners. It’s our solution to help you stay independent, profitable, and thriving! And the best part? The first year’s fee is on us!

Through CHP Thrive, you’ll:

  • Gain more leverage
    CHP Thrive gives you exclusive access to join Vista IPA, a network of 1,066 independent providers located throughout NJ.
  • Increase your revenue
    Through Vista IPA, you’ll also gain access to Optimus Healthcare Partners, one of the highest performing Medicare Shared Savings Program ACOs in NJ, as well as their commercial value-based plans with Horizon, Aetna, Cigna, and AmeriHealth.
  • Have greater flexibility
    Under CHP Thrive, you can maintain access to CHP’s plans, gain access to all of Vista IPA’s contracts, and compare contracts with your own to make the best choice for your practice.

How to sign up for CHP Thrive:

Enrolling in CHP Thrive is a simple, 2 step process. To complete the first step, click the appropriate button below, sign pages 1 and 19 in the PDF, and return them to Keep the rest of the agreement for your records.

Primary Care Physician

Once we receive your signed form, a member of Vista IPA will contact you to begin the second step: the credentialing process. Don’t wait! Sign up now to set your practice up for success!