New Movement Disorder Program Offers Focused Expertise

CentraState is pleased to introduce a new Movement Disorder Program led by Jia Zhen Cheng, MD, who brings focused expertise in movement disorders to our patients and community. Designed to facilitate early diagnosis and intervention for neurodegenerative conditions, the program is offered in collaboration with OceanFirst Rehabilitation Center with multidisciplinary insight from psychiatry, neuroradiology, [...]

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Pulmonologist as Patient: A Personal Experience With COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has been a surreal experience for many – especially for those on the front lines of care. And even more so for caregivers who themselves became infected with the virus. With an early cluster of cases at CentraState, physician leaders quickly realized that an innovative approach to delivering care was needed. [...]

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Adaptability and Clinician Collaboration Aid in Fight Against COVID-19

Early on in the COVID-19 crisis, CentraState chief medical officer James Matera, DO, recognized that treating patients with COVID-19 required new parameters for care. To handle the influx of patients, he worked with physician leaders to quickly mobilize a COVID-19 Response Team dedicated solely to treating patients with the disease. “COVID-19 was such a [...]

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New Research in Diabetes Treatment

An overriding goal in medicine is to decrease variability in the way chronic disease is treated. Clinical research can have important implications in defining the latest standards of care, so we make every effort to keep our clinicians up to date on the most current research findings. One recent study shows promising results for [...]

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Improving Outcomes with Population Health Strategies

Through the Practice Unite app, a preferred method of communication for PHO members, PHO physicians can quickly and easily link their patients to population health programs available at CentraState’s Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center. These evidence-based programs feature registered nurse health coaches who serve as a virtual arm of the physician practice [...]

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