How can I become more involved?

If you’re not yet a member of the CentraState Healthcare Partners PHO, contact us to learn more about joining. If you’re a member who would like to be more involved, consider joining one of our committees. If you have general feedback or would like to be involved in other ways, we welcome your input. [...]

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How can population health help my practice?

Population health strategies foster health and wellness across the population, particularly among those at risk for chronic diseases. CentraState places a strong focus on developing targeted population health initiatives to keep people well longer, address risk factors before they become chronic diseases, reduce hospitalization and readmission rates, and drive down healthcare costs. By partnering [...]

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What is Practice Unite?

Practice Unite, powered by Uniphy Health, is a preferred method of communication for PHO members. Through this secure, HIPAA-compliant smartphone app, CentraState physicians can: Quickly and easily link their patients to patient wellness and population health programs available at CentraState’s Star and Barry Tobias Health Awareness Center. These evidence-based programs feature registered nurse health [...]

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Why should I join?

For CentraState physicians, the PHO provides many member benefits. These include a variety of shared savings and value-based contract opportunities, annual shared savings when the PHO meets its goals, easy access to network resources and population health tools that benefit your practice and your patients, health plan participation as inner circle physicians, access to [...]

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What is a PHO?

A PHO (physician hospital organization) is a vehicle that enables hospitals and physicians to work cooperatively toward accomplishing several objectives. The primary purposes of a PHO are to develop improved methods of healthcare delivery, oversee the integration of physicians and hospitals into health delivery networks, assist in voluntary group formation, and collect, analyze, and disseminate [...]

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